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Like many conservative faiths in the U.

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Yet it goes almost without saying that—like most conservative faiths—both churches embrace the value and importance of sex within monogamous, heterosexual marriage. As it turns out, this pro-sex attitude is relatively recent. Sociologist Laura L.

To Adventists, Vance toniight, the solution was to minimize sexual activity of any kind. Noted health reformer and Adventist leader John Harvey Kellogg—who invented his famous corn flakes in a bid to curb sexual urges—advocated celibacy in marriage.

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The Latter-day Saints drew on the standard Victorian contrast between sexually pure women and depraved men. The idea was that since it was hopeless to completely restrain male passion, polygamy let men direct their Shaier toward reproduction and avoid adultery and prostitution.

Inthe Mormon Church officially reversed its position on polygamy and began promoting the Mormon nuclear family. Among the Adventists, some authorities began expressing a positive attitude toward sex as an expression of marital love as early as This was part of a broader reaction wives looking sex tonight Shaker Church the social changes that came with second wave feminism, the sexual revolution, and the gay rights movement.

In two cases of infidelity in the s, LDS Shakrr reacted more punitively to a heterosexual extramarital relationship than a homosexual one. The churches, however, became increasingly opposed to gay sex. But in the two decades that followed, the church focused on homosexuality as wives looking sex tonight Shaker Church serious sin, officially recognizing it as an excommunicable offense in Both Mormons and Adventists promoted gay conversion therapy.

The prominence of alternative models of gender and sexual relations in the broader American society pushed Mormons and Adventists to double down on fundamental gender differences. The churches now taught not only that sex should be confined to a monogamous marriage but also that God-given gender differences are necessary for sexual attraction. JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students.

An illustration of Mormon leader James Strang speaking about polygamy with a Mormon woman. Livia Gershon.

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Have a correction or comment about this article? Please contact us. Converging on the Heterosexual Dyad: Nova Religio: Join Our Newsletter.

More Stories. Social Sciences. Japanese women are protesting the widespread policy of mandatory high heels at work.

Medieval convents were better funded than many scholars assume, thanks in part to royal patrons sympathetic to the holy women's mission. Between andChristianity declined dramatically across much of Europe.

Not in America. One historian explains why.

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