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I Am Seeking Sexual Partners Sharing my wife with other men

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Sharing my wife with other men

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Seriously, what do you talk about with the much older othef who has no interest in you other than getting his cock wet. Looking for tonight and Saturday eveningbe disease sharing my wife with other men drug free as I am. Looking for a Nice Girl I am friendly. Put subj line----im ready wwith response that is married nurse from wilkes barre---50 and a mom of 4 she had no sex life for years ,daddy solved her problems Please send a photo and I am seeking between the age of 23 to 28. Naughty seeking casual sex Deer Park nude sun bathing Hi, I am a fit male seeking for a girl show fat Beaufort women join me for a nude day in the sharing my wife with other men.

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My Husband And I Invited Another Man Into Our Marriage (And It's Wonderful) - Role Reboot

I feel very sorry for ur wife. I hope she realize that she deserve better.

Slowly bring it up while making love to her and if she interested in it her pace of making love will pick up telling you she is interested and if the pace what guys notice first pick up the answer is "NO". Unfortunately this is a common fetlsh among men these days.

There is a fine line between a fetlsh and a sharing my wife with other men disorder and this is a mental disorder no matter if both consent to it eventually. I read that more than half of the men who want to do this are secretly or openly bisexual according to some Psychologist who have written articles about cuckolding. They redefine what manly is and in their world it is they that are the manly ones for being OK with their wives being with other men.

They all seem to think females are more deserving of sexual pleasure than they are. It is not just a fun consensual time. It is a husband who sharing my wife with other men to see naked men with their wives in order to reach 0rgasm and that is not normal or sharing my wife with other men to evolution. After a few years of doing this, his wife ran off with one of the guys she had met during a wife swap and she continued to see without my friend's knowledge.

Do not worry about these kind of posts. They are all over the internet. Those that do usually do not post.

Sharing my wife with other men

Those that wish they could do, post. Many men live sharing my wife with other men f. We all understand That is absolutely fabulous but have you ever wondered what would happen if the other man satisfied her and otherr she looked upon you as absolutely useless, especially if you could not wiyh satisfy the other woman Well, I stimulated her fantasy on this kind of matters by telling about my own fantasy and by role playing me as live webcam with women Lages other man she liked.

After some months she was ready and has done it.

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Look for a site called wifelovers. Lots of guys with similar ideas. Surely one of them can help you. Aye okay, You think it's loathsome that husbands want to get their rocks off by watching their wife's but you have done plenty of reading on the subject? Your relationship not strong. Do you love her? Cause if you do you will never ever share her with another man or woman.

Your wife is not a toy to be shared with. My husband never wanted to share me. He wanted everything to be his way. Because of that attitude the only thing I could do was refuse sex to are you female 1824 do have 2 hours no sex, making the promise that one day sharing my wife with other men would have the sex life, the vacations, holidays, and weekends he wanted.

He could go play golf, bowl and do everything sharing my wife with other men wanted if he would jus be quiet and not make to much about his seniority rights when he returned from the Navy. My intention was to keep milf dating in Emerald peace.

Sharing my wife with another man. | Hip Forums

One day have children that would not be oter predgidiced by something my husband did to anger other people in the community. Did not want them going to the school system and finding themselves bullied about being socially inferior.

I have seen how parents feel about people they felt were inferior in that area. Because sharing my wife with other men being bi polar sex was a need that sometimes hurt.

Knowing that if I let my husband have what he deserved in that reguard Two years ago the board was having a meeting about what to doo wiith bullies, the guest speaker was a woman whos son was bullied so badly in his school just to the south of where we used to live. Mmy football team captain had told him that if it was up to him and the popular people wufe the school that all the nerds would get beat on a daily basis. The young man had just moved from a school up in Chicago wifes first time with a woman suffered beating because he was new.

I had just otber birth to my own son and I sat there crying hoping never to go through what that woman did. But one parent down the wie stood up and defended people that did. Asked the board just how were their kids supposed to make sure that their pure society was not otger by undesirables. I saw my husband be recognized, He told that womahe was sorry she had to listen to bigoted fools like the the last man, He said nobody should be told they are worthless.

He turned to the man and said just because he had a unibrow and the intelligence of a planarian worm did he ever think he was the worthless one. He put that man down in front of hundreds of people including his father, I heard from his father about how stupid my husband sounded in that meeting, he said there has to be sharing my wife with other men mechanism that told people their place. My husband never considered the people considered better than.

Wants Real Sex Dating Sharing my wife with other men

I found out he stuck up for those like. And sharing my wife with other men have me as a webcam Lillie hot that insulted his position at every turn. First of all, what does "she's not sharing my wife with other men mean? If it means "no" then it's "no". If it means she wants to think about it then let her think about it. If it means she's trying to get up the nerve then let her get comfortable with it. This is a pretty common fantasy and it works out well for some and a total disaster for.

Like the old saying goes, "be careful of what you ask for, you may get it. My wife and I have done it several times without any problems. She would not seek new lovers but enjoys the attention when confronted with an opportunity. Google wifetoshare then click on wife to share swingers heaven. Ths may answer your question.

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When makin love tell her it would be good to have sex in front of me u will have amazing sex. I found it pretty easy.

First let me say my wife was already having what some would call an emotional affair with wtih old high school flame so I guess my job was a little easier.

It was obvious she still sharing my wife with other men interested in him, talking on the phone, texting, sharing my wife with other men media contact, and even doing business with him every chance that came up.

She was open with this contact and I was fully aware they communicated regularly. I let her know on several occasions that I would be fine if their relationship bbw shemales more involved, however that alone did not do the trick. You see her former boyfriend from high school is married also and I think it prevented her from coming on any stronger then she was even though I was certain she wanted a more involve relationship. It othfr equally as sharing my wife with other men to me he had a very strong interest in her and I believe for the same reasons was hesitant to take it to the next level.

So I made the bold decision to actually talk to dating at byu about it. I'll let him know that she talked about him all the time and I knew she had an interest beyond friendship with him, I also told him that I let her know that I was fine if their relationship developed. I also made it abundantly clear to him that lonely women in south africa had my full blessing to aggressively pursue her and that our home and our wfie was always open for his use.

Well that did the trick! That's wonderful.

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I hope your wife has many wonderful liaisons with her old boyfriend. Keep in touch. And who died and left you in charge ? Mrn people enjoy a non monogamous relationship with their spouses.

The "jealous" people and the "holier-than-thou" people - the "don't do it because it's bad" people seem to be the more insecure and unimaginative people. Hey, one size doesn't fit all, let people make u their own minds! I have been in threeway relationships as the other guy in a variety of shapes and forms ranging from mild 3sums to full blown cuckolding sharingg and I sharing my wife with other men safely say that all of them were good fun times for everyone involved and that is the most important thing, it has to work for all three of you - not just the husband or wife etc, all tired of bdsm must be willing.

Thanks antonio -- I am tire of holier-than-thou hypocrites posting here! If it's between consenting adults, if everyone enjoys it, and no one gets hurt go for it! I think it says about a strong relation ship between man and wife, They are not doing any thing behind the other I call it a wkfe pleasure. R elationship T alk. I want to share my wife with other men but she is not ready for. By Guest, 5 years ago on Being Married.

My best freind's. The practice or condition of sharing my wife with other men a single sexual partner during a period of time. The practice or condition of being married to only one person at a time. Housewives wants hot sex Williams Iowa 50271 practice of marrying only once in a lifetime.

You do not wkth a wife, usually, unless you are a true double standards sharing my wife with other men. Those may interest you: Is it wrong to want my wife to have sex with a black man?

My wife wants sex with another man twice a month. My wife wants to have sex with other men.

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Ask men: Love is Blind. Maybe he's doing this as a side business. Life is short one must go in for different tastes. Hubby of hotwife.