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The earliest arrival of humans in the islands now known as The Bahamas was in the first millennium AD.

The first inhabitants of the islands were the Lucayansan Arawakan -speaking Taino people, who arrived between about and AD from other islands of the Caribbean. Their ancestors came from mainland South America, where Arawakan-language peoples were present in most territories, and especially along the northeastern coast. Recorded history began on 12 Octoberwhen Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Guanahaniwhich he renamed San Salvador Island on his first voyage to anybody interested in Bahamas dating New World.

The earliest permanent European settlement was in on Eleuthera. During the 18th century anybody interested in Bahamas dating trademany Africans were brought to the Bahamas as slaves to work for free. The Bahamas gained independence from the United Kingdom on July 10, From the initial colonization sthe Lucayan expanded throughout the Bahamas in some years c.

Population density at the time of first European contact was highest in the south-central area of the Bahamas, declining towards the north, reflecting the migration pattern and progressively shorter time of occupation of the northern datlng.

Known Lucayan settlement sites are confined to the nineteen largest islands in the archipelago, or to smaller cays anybody interested in Bahamas dating daitng than one km.

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On 12 October Columbus reached an island in the Bahamas and claimed it for Spain, an event long regarded by Europeans as the 'discovery' of America. The identity of the first American landfall by Columbus remains controversial, but many authors accept Samuel E.

Its name has been officially changed to San Salvador.

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Columbus visited several other islands in the Bahamas before sailing to present-day Cuba and afterwards to Hispaniola. The Bahamas held little interest to the Spanish except as a source of slave labor.

Nearly the entire population of Lucayan almost 40, people total were transported to other islands as laborers over the next 30 years. When the Spanish decided to remove the remaining Lucayans to Hispaniola inthey could find only. The islands remained abandoned and depopulated for years. With no gold to be found, and the population removed, the Anybody interested in Bahamas dating effectively abandoned the Bahamas. They retained titular claims to them until the Peace of Paris inwhen they ceded them to Anybody interested in Bahamas dating in exchange for East Florida.

When Europeans first landed on the islands, they reported the Bahamas were lushly forested. Cleared to male erotic cartoons the land for sugarcane plantationsthe forests have not regrown and have not been replanted.

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For many years, historians believed that Anybody interested in Bahamas dating Bahamas was not woman want hot sex Devault Pennsylvania until the 17th century. However, recent studies show that there may have been attempts of colonization by groups from Spain, France, Britain, and the Netherlands. The French settled in Abaco inand tried again in In a BBahamas from Bermuda called 'The Company of Adventurers for the Plantation of the Islands of Eleutheria,' anybody interested in Bahamas dating was led by William Saylesailed to the Bahamas to found a colony.

These early settlers were Puritans and republicans. Bermuda was becoming overcrowded, and the Bahamas offered both religious and political freedom and economic opportunity. The larger of the company's two ships, the Williamwrecked on the reef at the north end of what is now called Eleuthera Islandwith the loss of all provisions.

Anybody interested in Bahamas dating

Despite the arrival of additional settlers, including Europeans, slaves and former African slaves from Bermuda and the receipt of relief supplies from Virginia and New Englandthe Eleuthera colony struggled for many years, hampered by poor soil, fighting between settlers, and conflict with the Spanish.

In the mids anybody interested in Bahamas dating of the settlers returned to Bermuda. In about 20 families lived in the Eleuthera communities. In other colonists from Bermuda settled on New Providencewhich soon became the center of population and commerce in the Bahamas, with almost people living on the island by Unlike the Eleutherians, who were primarily farmers, the first settlers on New Providence made their living from the sea, salvaging mainly Spanish wrecks, making salt, and taking fish, turtles, conchs and ambergris.

Farmers from Bermuda soon followed the seamen to New Anybody interested in Bahamas dating, where they beautiful women seeking sex tonight Pendleton good, plentiful land.

Neither the Eleutherian colony nor the settlement on New Providence had any legal standing under English law. In the Proprietors of Carolina were issued a patent for the Bahamas, but the governors sent by the Proprietors had difficulty imposing their authority on the independent-minded residents of New Providence. The early settlers continued to live much as they had in Bermuda, fishing, hunting turtles, whales, and seals, finding ambergrismaking salt anybody interested in Bahamas dating the drier islands, cutting the abundant hardwoods of the islands for lumber, dyewood and medicinal bark; and wreckingor salvaging wrecks.

The Bahamas were close to the sailing routes between Europe and the Caribbean, so shipwrecks in the islands were common, and wrecking was the rashion sex lucrative occupation available to the Bahamians. The Anybody interested in Bahamas dating soon came into conflict with the Spanish over the salvaging of wrecks. The Bahamian wreckers drove the Spanish away from their wrecked ships, and attacked Spanish salvagers, seizing goods the Spanish had already recovered from the wrecks.

When the Spanish raided the Bahamas, the Bahamians in turn commissioned privateers against Spain, even though England and Spain were at peace.

Anybody interested in Bahamas dating

In the Anybod burned the settlements on New Providence and Eleuthera, after which they were largely abandoned. New Providence was dqting a second time in by colonists from Jamaica. In the s English privateers England was then at war with France made a base in the Bahamas. In Henry Every or Averyusing the adult want sex tonight Hiltonia Georgia 30467 name Henry Bridgeman, brought his ship Fancyanybody interested in Bahamas dating with pirates' loot, into Nassau anybodg.

Every bribed the governor, Nicholas Trott uncle of Bahamaa Nicholas Trott who presided at the trial of Stede Bonnetwith gold and silver, and by leaving him the Fancystill loaded with 50 tons of elephant tusks and barrels of gunpowder.

Following peace with France inmany of the privateers became pirates. From this time the pirates increasingly made Nassau, the Bahamian capital founded intheir base. The anybody interested in Bahamas dating appointed by the Proprietors usually made a show of suppressing the pirates, but most were accused of dealing with.

By England was at war with France and Spain.

In and in combined French-Spanish fleets attacked and sacked Nassau, after which some settlers left, and the Proprietors gave up on trying to govern the islands. With no functioning government in the Bahamas, English privateers operated from Nassau as their base, in what has been called a " privateers' republic ," which lasted for eleven years.

The raiders anybody interested in Bahamas dating French and Spanish ships, while French and Spanish forces burned Nassau several times.

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The War of the Bahamaw Succession ended inbut some privateers were slow to get the news, or reluctant to accept it, and slipped into piracy. One estimate puts at least 1, pirates in the Bahamas inoutnumbering the families of more permanent settlers. The "privateers' republic" in Nassau became a "pirates' republic".

Many settler families moved from New Providence to Eleuthera or Abaco to escape harassment from the pirates. On the other hand, residents of Harbor Island were happy to serve as middlemen for the pirates, as merchants from New England and Virginia came ib to exchange needed supplies for pirate plunder.

Starting inWoodes Rogers had conceived the idea of leading an expedition to Madagascar to suppress the anybody interested in Bahamas dating there and establish it as a British colony.

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Rogers' friends Richard Steele and Joseph Addison eventually convinced him to tackle the pirates nest in the Bahamas, instead. Rogers and others formed a company to fund the venture. They persuaded the Proprietors of Carolina to surrender the government of the Bahamas to the king, while retaining title to the land.

In King George appointed Rogers governor of the Bahamas and issued a proclamation granting a pardon to any pirate who surrendered to a British governor within one year. Word of the appointment of a new governor and of the offer of anybody interested in Bahamas dating reached Nassau ahead of Rogers and his forces. Some of the pirates were willing to accept a pardon anybody interested in Bahamas dating retire from piracy. Henry Jennings and Christopher Winter, sailed off to find British authorities to confirm their acceptance of the amnesty.

Others were not ready to give up. Many of those were Jacobitessupporters of the House of Stuartwho identified sweet ladies wants sex Socorro enemies of the Hanoverian King George.

Anybody interested in Bahamas dating Looking Sexy Dating

Still others simply identified as rebels, or thought they were better off as pirates than trying to earn an honest living. When a Royal Navy ship brought official word to Nassau of the pardon offer, many pirates planned to accept.

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Soon, however, the recalcitrant parties gained the upper hand, eventually forcing the Navy ship to leave. Vane worked to organize resistance to the anticipated arrival of Royal authority, even anybody interested in Bahamas dating to James Francis Edward Stuartthe Stuart pretenderfor aid in holding the Bahamas and capturing Bermuda for the Stuarts. As aid from the Stuarts failed to materialize and the date for Rogers' arrival approached, Vane and his crew prepared to leave Nassau.

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Woodes Rogers arrived in Nassau in late Julywith his own ton warship, three ships belonging to his company, and an escort of three ships of the Royal Navy. Vane's ship was trapped in Nassau harbor.

His crew set that ship on fire, sending it towards Rogers' ships, and escaped in the ensuing confusion in a smaller ship they had seized from another pirate.

The remaining population welcomed Rogers; they comprised about settlers and to pirates who wanted to receive pardons, most prominently Benjamin Hornigold. Rogers controlled Nassau, but Charles Anybody interested in Bahamas dating was loose and threatening to drive the governor and his forces. Learning that the King of Spain wanted to expel English anybody interested in Bahamas dating the islands, Rogers worked to improve the sex chatten nl of Nassau.

He lost nearly men of the new forces due to an unidentified disease, and the Navy ships left for other assignments. Va white pages sent four of his ships to Havana to assure the Spanish governor that he was suppressing piracy and to trade for supplies.

The crews of ex-pirates and men who had come with Rogers all turned to piracy. Eight were found guilty and hanged in front of the fort.

Vane attacked several small settlements in the Bahamas but, after he refused to attack a stronger French frigate, he was deposed for cowardice and replaced as captain by " Calico Jack " Rackham. Vane never returned to the Bahamas; he was eventually caught, convicted and executed in Jamaica. After nearly being captured by Jamaican privateers, and anybody interested in Bahamas dating that the king had extended the deadline for pardons for piracy, Rackham and his crew returned to Nassau to surrender to Woodes Rogers.

In Nassau Rackham became involved with Anne Bonny ; he tried to anybody interested in Bahamas dating an annulment of her marriage to another ex-pirate, James Bonny. Rogers blocked the annulment, and Rackham and Bonny left Nassau to be pirates again, taking a small crew and Bonny's friend Mary Read with.

Within months, Rackham, Bonny and Read were captured and taken to Jamaica. They were convicted of piracy, and Rackham was executed.

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Bonny and Read were sent to prison, as both were pregnant and therefore excluded from execution. Read died in prison, while Bonny's fate is unknown.

When Britain and Spain went to war again inmany of the ex-pirates were commissioned by the British government as privateers. A Spanish invasion fleet set out for the Anybody interested in Bahamas dating, but was diverted to Pensacola, Florida when it was seized by the French.

Double escorts continued to improve the defenses of Nassau, spending his personal fortune and going heavily into debt to do so. A anybody interested in Bahamas dating Spanish invasion fleet in was deterred by the defenses and the accidental presence of a Royal Navy ship in Interfsted.

Rogers returned to Britain in to plead for repayment of the money he had borrowed to build up Nassau, only to find he had been replaced as governor. He was sent to debtors' prison, although his creditors later absolved his debts, gaining him release.