ESN Checker Verify That Your Device Is Clean for Free

We live in the day of age where selling or buying a used cell phone is not very uncommon! How can you know that the cell phone you just purchased is not stolen or attached to another account? All cell phones have an Electronic Serial Number also known as an ESN. Sn ESN checker is a quick way to check if a cell phone is ready to be used on your account.

There are plenty of free ESN checkers online including

  • This tool is very popular and is quick and easy. Just scroll up and enter the ESN or IMEI number from the cell phone in question.
  • buybackboss is also very popular. It works very similarly to this one. It is quick, easy and to the point!
  • Recomhub is also a quick free ESN checker. It also gives plenty of other feedback about the phone. Often times information that the seller does not tell you! It's like the CarFax for cell phones!

esn checker

Most of the major cell phone companies also have their own version of an ESN checker.

IMEI / MEID Checker for T Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T

The IMEI checker t mobile uses is among the most popular. Going to T-Mobile will open up the door of information. This will tell you whether or not a phone is blacklisted and whether or not it can be used on a t-mobile plan. AT&T also has a blacklist check called the AT&T IMEI blacklist check.

AT&T IMEI blacklist check failed?: Now What?

So when you check your newest iPhone's ESN and it comes up stolen. Now What? The only person that can change the blacklisting is the original owner of the phone. If that is not you then you should be in contact with the original owners. Most likely they just listed the phone as lost or stolen and forgot to change that before they sold it. Unfortunately, there is always the option that they were delinquent on a bill and were planning to take advantage of an innocent buyer. In that case, there is not a lot you can do!

What if you are the original owner? Well, ask yourself "Have I ever reported this phone as lost or stolen?" If the answer is yes then that would be why it is coming up as blacklisted! However, there are plenty of other reasons that your phone may come up as blacklisted even if you are the only owner.

Being delinquent on a bill can blacklist a phone! Phone companies have to have some type of leverage otherwise there would be no reason to pay a bill other than to save a credit score. Therefore, cell phone companies can freeze and list your phone as blacklisted if you get too far behind.

Also, if a cell phone's IMEI or ESN is not lined up to work on a certain cell phone carriers plan, then it won't. For example, most of the time T-Mobile phones cannot be used on Verizon plans and vice-versa. This may make the cell phone incompatible with certain carriers!